A DUI in Georgia can disrupt your life and overwhelm you with anxiety. We’re here to help you fight the DUI claim and get you back to your life! Allow us to answer the following frequently asked questions about a DUI in Georgia:

Will I have to be on probation?

In most cases, it is wise to complete all of the conditions of their sentence before their final due date. Conditions may include community service, DUI school, paying a fine, and the like. By completing these conditions, you are showing the judge that you’ve taken this act seriously. Sometimes, the judge will dismiss probation if the conditions have been met. Your DUI lawyer can fight for that.

Will my case be settled outside of the courtroom?

Your case could be settled via plea negotiation or other means. It depends on the specifics of your case. However, it is very important to partner with an experienced DUI attorney from the very beginning to have the best possible chance of getting the result you want.

What defenses might work in my DUI case?

Your DUI attorney will look at several factors of your case to determine if the officer was at fault in any way, including:

  • Was the officer’s initial stop of the vehicle based on a hunch or reasonable articulable suspicion?
  • Was there probable cause to arrest (i.e. slurred speech, open containers of alcohol, bloodshot eyes, etc.)?
  • Did the officer violate your implied consent rights?
  • Were there any errors in the blood or breath test?

How can Bushway Law Firm help me?

We have extensive experience helping those who have been accused of a DUI. Our advantage over other DUI lawyers is that Gregory Bushway used to be a prosecutor, so he knows many strategies that the opposite side may try to make you look guilty. We aim to take this burden off your shoulders so you can get back to your life.

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  • Should I take a field sobriety test or roadside Alco-Sensor test?
  • What is the state-administered test, and do I have to take it?
  • Can I use my 5th Amendment Right so I do not incriminate myself?