a semi truckSemi-truck accidents can be complex, simply because there are multiple parties that could be responsible for the fatal accident. The accident may have occurred due to driver negligence, truck manufacturing error, truck company or truck owner carelessness, and/or lack of cargo inspection. Allow us to explain in-depth:

1. Driver Negligence

As with a car accident involving vehicles of any size, driver negligence can cause unsafe actions such as veering into the other lane, letting your eyes leave the road, failing to brake in time, and more. It is imperative that a semi-truck driver is wide awake and alert since a semi-truck collision could easily be deadly.

2. Truck Company/Owner Carelessness

If the truck company or owner is careless with the semi-truck, it can cause malfunctions to occur. For example, a truck needs to be regularly inspected to ensure safety. Additionally, if the company or owner cut corners with safety or fail to provide industry-standard safety measures, the truck could be compromised.

3. Insecure Cargo

Because a semi-truck’s trailer is substantially longer than the truck body itself, it’s vital that the cargo is loaded and secured correctly. Insecure cargo can cause a truck to sway and tip over, causing a semi-truck accident with other vehicles. The workers who load the cargo can be held responsible for their negligent actions.

Gregory Bushway is Your Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Driver negligence, truck company/owner carelessness, and insecure cargo are only three of many elements that could cause a semi-truck accident. An experienced semi-truck attorney will determine which party or parties should be held responsible and seek the highest amount of compensation possible. If you were severely injured or your loved one was killed in a semi-truck accident, allow us to meet with you and review your case. Give us a call: 478-621-4995