If a semi-truck and car collide, it can have a catastrophic or fatal aftermath. With millions of semi-trucks driving on interstates every day in America, it’s vital that you drive smart and defensively while near these big trucks. Consider these tips:

Provide Ample Space when Passing

When you’re passing a semi-truck, we encourage you to leave an entire lane in between your vehicle and the truck if possible. If this isn’t possible due to a two-lane highway, pass quickly and do not linger in the semi truck’s blind spots. Always pass on the left side of the semi-truck, as this is the side that gives the semi-truck driver the longest visual of your vehicle.

Practice Predictable – Not Distracted – Driving

Predictable driving enhances safety on the road while distracted driving can maximize risk. Predictable driving takes the form as using your turn signals, braking slowly instead of suddenly, switching lanes after your turn signal has been on for at least 5 seconds – just to name a few. Predictable driving helps other drivers anticipate what you’re doing, and it can greatly minimize your chances of being involved in a semi-truck accident.

Never Cut Off a Semi-Truck

A semi-truck with a fully loaded bed could weigh an upwards of 80,000 pounds. Because of their sheer size and weight, it takes much longer for them to come to a complete stop. To minimize your chance of being rear-ended, never cut in front of a semi-truck. If you want to pass in front of a semi-truck, make sure you turn on your blinker and pass once there are several car lengths of space between you and the big truck. The more space you leave, the safer you are.

Use Caution if a Semi-Truck is Turning

Semi-truck drivers have a large vehicle to maneuver and little visibility to do so… a recipe that sometimes ends in disaster. When a semi-truck driver is turning, give him ample space. Many times, the driver must begin his turn very wide so the end of his cargo can make the turn.

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