a distressed woman speaks on her phone after a car accidentDid you know that roughly 1,700 drivers in Georgia are involved in a car accident every day? If you’re part of this high statistic, you need to know what to do immediately following a car accident. Below are several tips to consider if you’re involved in an accident. As always, contact the Bushway & Waystack attorneys with questions.

Take Pictures of Everything

After making sure everyone is okay and calling the police, take pictures of everything related to the car accident scene. For example, take pictures of the people who are there, any injuries sustained, the vehicles, the road, weather conditions, and more. These pictures are invaluable, as roads and debris are cleaned very quickly after an accident.

Exchange Information & Involve Insurance

After the accident, exchange insurance information with the other driver. After the police have left and you are able to talk on the phone, call your insurance company to report the accident. Ask your insurance company questions about how to proceed, if medical expenses are covered, and more. By letting your insurance company know about the accident immediately, the process can begin.

Get Checked by a Medical Professional

Seemingly small aches and pains can turn into big health problems in the future. It’s important to be checked by a medical professional to ensure your health is addressed and to have legitimate medical documents related to the car accident.

Talk to An Attorney

The at-fault driver’s insurance company will likely reach out to you days after the car accident to offer a settlement. The settlement they offer is usually very low, as they want to keep as much money in-house as possible! Our attorneys know exactly how to handle insurance companies that are trying to forego paying the amount that you deserve. Before giving the opposing insurance company an answer, talk to an attorney about the next steps you should take.

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