juvenile crimesEach year, thousands of kids are incarcerated in detention centers for breaking the law. There is an overwhelming number of males and minorities in these centers. However, the number of females being charged with juvenile crimes are growing at a steady rate. Juvenile delinquency is simply a crime committed by a minor. As with other laws, when you break them, there are consequences.

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How does a juvenile case usually proceed?

A juvenile case starts with a summons or an arrest. A summons is a letter you will receive in the mail that specifies what you are being accused of, the date of your hearing, and which court you will need to report to. An arrest usually occurs if you are caught in the act of the crime. The police will ask you questions but remember that you do have a right to remain silent. Contact Bushway as soon as possible so we can help you with your case.

What are the most common juvenile crimes?

The top ten juvenile crimes include theft, vandalism, alcohol offenses, disorderly conduct, simple assault, possession of marijuana, tobacco offenses, curfew violations, school disciplinary offense, and traffic violations.

While many of these crimes are clearly laid out in the law, some of them may surprise you with what they entail. For example, intense bullying or shoving a person may be considered simple battery. Think twice before you start a cafeteria food fight or cheat on a test. They are considered school disciplinary offenses.

Are juveniles tried as adults?

Generally, when a person under the age of 18 commits a crime, they are tried as a minor and given appropriate consequences. However, there are exceptions. If the crime is serious such as murder, attempted murder, or rape, the minor may be charged as an adult.

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