a physician consults a young patientIf you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition and must undergo treatment, it’s important to choose the right doctor and fully understand the recommended treatment. Discover these simple tips to avoid medical malpractice as a patient:

Ask Questions

While at your meeting, ask as many questions as you can in order to understand what the treatment procedure entails. It’s important to understand why, when, and how the procedure will occur. If you’re not in the medical field daily, you won’t have as much knowledge about treatment options and procedures. Continue asking questions until you understand and feel confident about the treatment that is being recommended.

Have a Second Set of Ears in the Room

If you’ve been diagnosed with a condition and your doctor is suggesting treatment options, bring a friend or family member into the meeting. This person will be able to hear the doctor’s recommendations in an objective light and ask objective questions since he is not the patient.

Get Doctor Requests in Writing

It can be overwhelming talking with your doctor about your condition and treatment options! When the meeting concludes, ask your doctor to put his recommendations in writing so you can do more research at home. You can take these requests to other doctors, as well, to see if what they recommend matches up.

Get a Second Opinion

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen this doctor for two minutes or two decades, you should always get a second opinion on his treatment suggestion. If more than one doctor recommends the same treatment, you can feel more at ease knowing that this is the right treatment for your condition.

Bushway Law Firm Can Help with Medical Malpractice

These four suggestions can help you make a sound decision on which doctor to choose for your treatment procedure. However, even the best doctor can be negligent which results in medical malpractice. If you’ve been injured, don’t hesitate to call our team: 478-621-4995.