If you or a loved one has received a drug crime charge related to drug dealing or drug trafficking, you may wonder what the charges can entail. Drug dealing charges, officially called distribution charges, almost always apply to small-scale offenses, while drug trafficking is a large-scale offense. The substance and amount involved will affect the applied charges and the punishment one may receive should there be a conviction.

Drug Dealing

Although it is a common phrase and sometimes used to describe drug distribution, “drug dealing” is not an official charge that the court recognizes. This is more of an informal way to talk about the action that leads to a distribution charge.

Drug dealing tends to refer to small-scale drug distribution, which usually involves a less severe punishment than large-scale offenses.

Drug Distribution

Drug distribution charges apply when someone is caught selling, transferring, or importing controlled substances. In other words, it’s all about the movement of the drugs, whether that involves selling, transporting, or importing an illegal substance.

Sometimes a person in possession of drugs will receive a distribution charge, not just a possession charge if evidence like large amounts of cash and illicit substances are also found. Together these findings point to the act of distributing.

Drug Trafficking

Contrary to what some believe, drug trafficking has to do with the weight of the drugs at hand. There is often a misconception that trafficking means the drugs were moved across state or national borders since trafficking and distribution are often performed together. However, drug trafficking only applies when the weight of the drug exceeds certain limits, which varies per substance.

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