an alcoholic drink, a set of handcuffs, and a pair of car keysLife brings plenty of reasons to celebrate! Many celebrations include family, friends, alcoholic drinks, and a good time. If you choose to drive after drinking, it’s possible you could be pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. Let us debunk four myths to ensure clarity:

Myth 1 – Driving slower will negate my alcohol impairment.

Many drivers will try to compensate for their delayed decision making by driving slower. However, driving slowly can cause accidents, especially if you’re on the highway or driving under the speed limit on city or back roads.

Myth 2 – Coffee will rid the alcohol from my system.

The only thing that can sober someone up from their alcoholic state is time. Drinking coffee will only cause that person to become jittery and wide-awake, but still drunk.

Myth 3 – Bigger people can handle their alcohol better which allows for focused driving.

Someone who weighs more might be able to have several drinks without feeling buzzed. But, your size is not the only factor you must consider when determining if you can drive. Other factors that contribute to driving impairment is how much (or little) you ate while drinking alcohol, feelings of fatigue, the time of day, and more.

Myth 4 – Drinking beer, rather than hard liquor, won’t cause impairment.

It doesn’t matter which alcoholic drink you choose, it can still cause impairment and unsafe driving. Some people have a false sense of security drinking beer because it won’t get them drunk as fast as hard liquor would. However, even one beer can cloud your judgement.

Charged with driving under the influence? Bushway can help.

We highly encourage you to forego driving under the influence to keep yourself and other people safe. But, if you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, it can inflict havoc on your life for years and decades to come. will fight for you to have minimal consequences and have your charges dropped so your life is not negatively affected. Contact us today: 478-621-4995.