If you’ve discovered signs of nursing home negligence, it’s important to act immediately to ensure your loved one’s safety. Follow these steps if you suspect nursing home negligence.

Document the Negligence or Abuse

Nursing home negligence can take many forms – it’s not always physical. For example, negligence may look like:

  • Misplaced (or stolen) money
  • Unclean living conditions
  • Minimal hygiene practices
  • Threats made toward the elderly

No matter the type of abuse taking place, do your best to document the nursing home negligence. This will strengthen your case if we need to go to court. 

Approach the Administrators

Sometimes, the nursing home administrators are not aware of occurrences between an elderly person and a nursing home employee. It’s important that the leadership team knows exactly what’s going on so the situation can be rectified. If the administration does not act on your concern, don’t hesitate to move your parent to a different location. 

Transfer Locations

If the negligence is severe, it’s important to move your loved one to a safer location. You can ask your parent if she wants to leave or her take on the matter. If she doesn’t want to talk about, it’s likely that she feels scared or overwhelmed with the situation. Trust your instincts. 

Talk to a Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

Once your parent is safe, we encourage you to reach out to Bushway Law Firm about your nursing home negligence situation. By pursuing legal action, you could be protecting other elderly people in the future from nursing home negligence! 

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