divorceAfter the 1970’s and 1980’s, the time we are living in currently boasts the highest rate of divorce in America’s history. Nearly 50% of marriages end, while the percentage of divorce for those in their second or third marriage is even higher.

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People get divorced for many reasons including infidelity, abuse, neglect, desertion, and more. No matter the reason, this can be a frustrating time, especially the months leading up to divorce. However, there are a few steps you can take to prepare yourself:

Be Honest with Your Attorneys

During a trial, it’s extremely important for your attorney to know any and every detail pertinent to the case. For example, if you or your spouse have been unfaithful, make sure to tell us. In order to effectively argue your case before a judge, we must know any detail that the opposing counsel may try to use against you. Preparation is just as important as delivery when dealing with these cases.

Keep a Record of How Much You Spend

As soon as you decide you want a divorce, start collecting receipts, bills, and other evidences of expense for your upcoming court case. If you document everything you spend your money on (gas, groceries, utility bills, child expenses, etc.), the judge will be able to accurately determine how much compensation you should receive after it is finalized. Guesstimating how much you need and not being able to prove how much you spend and earn gives the judge no hard evidence of your needs.

Prepare For Your Divorce Any Way Possible

After divorce, your life may be different without your spouse. As early as you can, start preparing for that time. For example, start a savings account with any extra cash you may have, talk with other people to help with your emotional burden, or conduct research about divorce in Georgia to ready yourself.