criminal lawThe legal process may seem confusing to people who are unfamiliar with it. But, if you are involved in a criminal law case, it’s important to understand what is happening.

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Criminal Law Terms Breakdown

Understanding criminal law terms can help you be more equipped for future legal proceedings. Review the following four legal terms and their definitions to be better prepared:


During an arraignment, if you are the person being charged, you will be told the criminal charges that someone has made against you. Afterward, the judge will ask you what you plead (guilty or not guilty). You should answer this based on what you and your attorneys have discussed.


Bail is offered to a person who is being accused of a crime prior to trial. However, there are some cases where the accused person is denied bail. Such reasons to be denied bail include the judge believes you are a flight risk, you’ve been accused of a very serious crime, you are an immigrant, or you are a repeat offender.

Capital Offense

A crime that falls under capital offense means that the punishment could be death. Currently, 32 states allow the death penalty while 18 states have deemed it illegal. The death penalty is legal in the state of Georgia.


In many cases, including most or all criminal cases, an attorney will ask permission for a discovery period. During this time, the attorney asks for certain items he or she can use for evidence. The other party cannot decline the attorney’s request.

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