a big pile of divorce paperwork

Wise, strategic moves in a divorce is important for a desired outcome. But, you should also avoid making costly mistakes! Here are four things you should not do while pursuing a divorce in Georgia.

#1 – Neglect Your Finances

During your divorce proceedings, the judge will consider your current family lifestyle, among other factors, to determine the amount of child support or alimony that should be awarded. To determine how much support is appropriate, your judge will review your financial documents. Once you have decided to pursue a divorce, start collecting financial statements such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Investment statements
  • Property deeds
  • Tax returns
  • Trusts
  • Vehicle titles
  • Wills

#2 – Pursue a Romantic Relationship

The moment you decide to get a divorce, you need to stop having marital relations with your spouse. If possible, physically separate yourself from your spouse. This does not mean you have to move, rather sleep separately. Additionally, do not get involved in a romantic relationship involving another person. This can complicate your divorce proceedings.

#3 – Refuse to Cooperate During Mediation

Many times, the details of a divorce can be settled during mediation. Mediation involves both parties, their lawyers, and an objective third party trying to agree on the details of the case instead of going to court. This legal avenue is cost-effective and lessens the amount of time spent on the case.

#4 – Forego Help from an Attorney

Whether you’re dealing with an uncontested or contested divorce, we highly recommend seeking help from a divorce attorney. This may be the first time you’re ever dealing with legal matters, but your attorney has likely done this hundreds of times. You need an experienced lawyer to guide you through your divorce to ensure the best possible result. Even if the divorce is uncontested, it’s helpful to have an attorney on your side to ensure a smooth process and take the burden off your shoulders.