If you or a loved one has been arrested recently, you must find valuable, dependable representation. While it can be easy to select the first criminal defense attorney you come across, it’s crucial to know your options, weigh each choice, and select the attorney who is the best fit for you.

During your search for your defense attorney in Georgia, be sure to keep an eye out for these four qualities:

Defense Attorney Quality #1: Experience

While experience is not the only quality your criminal defense attorney should have, it is one of the more crucial factors to consider regarding your representation. You want a lawyer with deep, extensive knowledge of the law. To receive that, you should choose a lawyer with a strong background and solid experience under their belt, especially handling your type of case.

When evaluating your attorney’s experience, look to see if they have experience in various courts, including:

  • Federal
  • Municipal
  • State
  • Superior

Also, determine if your attorney has experience on both sides of the courtroom. A defense attorney who once served as an experienced prosecutor, like Gregory Bushway, offers far more insight into your case than someone without such experience or knowledge.

Defense Attorney Quality #2: Successful Track Record

A high-quality criminal defense attorney will have a resume full of successful court cases and cases that brought their clients better outcomes than expected. When researching your options, examine each attorney’s performance with their clients and determine if success is common for them.

Defense Attorney Quality #3: Strong Community Roots

While experience and a long practice history are positive signs, it is even better if your attorney’s experience coincides with being a longtime community member. Suppose an attorney is new to an area or has only been in practice for a short while. In that case, they may lack local connections or solid relationships with community members that could be beneficial to have on your side.

However, an established attorney in your area will likely have solid and dependable relationships and a deeper understanding of the local legal scene. A well-connected attorney is inclined to know various judges’ approaches to cases or various prosecutors’ tactics in court, allowing your attorney to shape their strategies around their insights.

Defense Attorney Quality #4: Accessibility

As experienced, successful, and well-connected as an attorney may be, it is also essential for them to be accessible throughout your case. You will likely have questions at every step of the process and want to partner with an available team. Aim to choose an attorney with a good track record of returning calls, arranging meetings, and responding to emails.

Do you need an experienced, successful, connected, and accessible criminal defense attorney? Talk to Bushway Law Firm.

Gregory Bushway is a former prosecutor who has successfully served as a criminal defense attorney in Macon, Georgia, since 2013. He knows the law and the strategies necessary to fight for you. Tell us about your case today: 478-621-4995

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